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SE Electronics Z5600A-MK2

The SE Z5600A is a large-diaphragm tube condenser microphone, with 2 extra large 28mm (1.07") sputtered gold 6-micron mylar diaphragms. Its capsule patterns include omni, cardioid and figure of eight, with 6 graded intermediate steps. The Z5600A is manufactured in a dust-free vacuum chamber. Its pre-amp is based on an especially selected 12AX7 tube with a transformer balanced output, which results in a very warm and clear sound.
This beautiful mic comes in a wooden presentation case, cradled in a full aluminium flight case with a large shock-mount and a brand new brushed Aluminium PSU with pattern switching and cables.

Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
Impedance: <= 200 Ohms
Max SPL for 0.5% THD@1000Hz: 130dB

Use: All vocals (harmony & lead).





SE Electronics MC1

Studio condenser microphone with superb sound quality. Can be used at high pressure levels (130dB max), from guitar cabinets to vocals.
Frequency response 20Hz to 20,000Hz.
Cardioid model, so insensitive to ambient noise.
Aluminum flightcase and U-shape stand mount included.

Use: All vocals (harmony & lead).




Shure Beta 58A

The Beta 58 is an upgraded version of the classic SM 58. Several aspects have been improved upon, such as the frequency response, which has been expanded by 2000 Hz, resulting in a sound with more briliance. Futhermore the sensitivity has been improved and the output signal raised in level, which provides a sound with more body. The advanced pneumatic shock mount system minimizes the transmission of mechanical noise and vibration.
The Beta 58A has become a leading choice among vocalists and touring professionals worldwide.

Use: Special vocal and other effects, extreme vocal peaks.





Edirol UA25

USB Audio/midi interface with first class sound quality. Connections: Midi I/O, 2x XLR microphone input with phantom power (+48V), S/Pdif I/O. Everything at 24bit/96kHz quality.

Use: Recording Vocals and Piano.





Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro - 250 Ohm

Ultimate monitoring headphones.
Closed system, so no interference by ambient noise.
Maximum SPL: 96dB.
Frequency response: 5Hz to 35.000Hz, linear, so extremely well-suited for use as mixdown monitor. Innovative bass-reflex system. These headphones are made for recording technicians and professional musicians.
Comes with a three meter cable, attached to one side,
and with an 3,5/6,35mm addapter and a leather case.

Use: (vocals & piano) monitor.





Recording set-up

The vocals are recorded on a laptop (Windows-XP) using Adobe Audition.





Cort Artisan A4 - Open Pore Natural

De Artisan series bass guitars offers a combination of traditional handpicked wood with an open pore finish, with a neck-thru construction. It features Bartolini pick-ups and the Bartolini MK1-pre-amp to get the full dynamic range out of those pick-ups.





Remo RC-P780-70 Bongo Set - Black

The Remo Crown bongo set consists of two drums, sized 7" and 8,5". Their made of oak wood from Thailand and are fitted with Type 9 Fiberskyn 3 skins. The drums are black with black coated rims and have a high gloss finish.





Meinl TR120B

Copper triangle with a warm sound.





Remo TA-5210-70

10 Inch tambourene with 2 rows of scales. Fitted with a rough white skin that can be played by hand or stick.





Stagg SLBM13T Sleigh Bells

The real sleigh bells sound is made with these Stagg Sleighbells!
13 plated bells on a wooden handle.