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After 1993 Longshanks sort of slipped from the spotlights. Jan van der Lugt and Hans van Lint were both very busy with their band Iceparty and besides that Hans had started to quite successfully manifest himself as a singer/songwriter. André Kamer had started to concentrate more and more on writing classically oriented music and soundtrack material.
The passing away of his father (January 28th 1995) inspired him to write a full size Requiem (November 1996-January 1997).
Still he kept returning to symphonic rock and over the years wrote a number of instrumental themes of which most are still awaiting recording and releasing.

When André moved from Delft to Amersfoort in 1999, it looked like Longshanks was to definitely become a one-man band.
The wedding plans of a close friend from Delft (Anne Leupen) prompted André to pick up on a long standing idea: to write a Suite, according to classical rules, but with a modern twist. This became the Bridal Suite, a project in which he wrote dedicated pieces of music to consecutive wedding couples. Each piece was based on a dance and was a marriage between classical and contemporary music.
Released sofar:
- Courante (2002)
- Prelude (2004)
- Tango (2004-05)

Besides that he also wrote an instrumental symphonic rock piece (started in the spring of 2002, finished in November 2004), called "I Have a Dream", which he dedicated to Martin Luther King. The piece was primarely inspired by the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and by the mounting tension between Muslims and anti-Muslims in the Netherlands in the wake of "9-11".

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Longshanks nr. 4:

André Kamer - Chorus guitar, acoustic guitar,
solo guitar, sy
nthesizers, synth-drums

- Bridal Suite (2002-...)
- Prelude (2004)
- Courante (2002)
- Tango (2004-05)
- I Have a Dream (2002-04)