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May 11th 2009:
Saturday May 9th (less than 12 hours after its release) "The Bath Song" was first played by Ferry Molenaar in his show "Your Weekend Action" at ActionRadio.nl. One day later the song was played by Woody Harris in episode 155 of Soundscape.


April 8th 2009:
On 'Monday morning' April 6th, in episode 150 of Soundscape, Woody played the new track "The Wandering Merchant" for the first time on the World Wide Web. The song was preceeded by the Soundscape-jingle by Longshanks and followed by "The Travelling Song, prt.2". Right at the beginning of this series was a piece from the "Onion-News", to celebrate André's birthday.


February 27th 2009:
Sunday Februari 22nd Woody Harris celebrated the 3rd aniversary of Soundscape with a show in which he played, as he put it: "only a swath of the artists that have made the biggest difference to our little broadcast".
To our great astonishment that list included "The Web of Life"!
Replying to a thank-you-mail that André wrote to him, Woody today mailed:
"The goal was to place those people who have been strong supporters of Soundscape front and center. I was trying to follow the facebook meme of the 15 albums that influenced you, but do it for Soundscape. I am still going to attempt to make the list in the near future and place it on my facebook page. Soundscape would not be what it is without the presence of Andre in chat, and the exclusives that you guys have allowed us to play."


February 21st 2009:
Despite a delay caused by technical problems in his studio (malfunctioning graphics card) Ferry has managed to record a new episode of the FermanSow, in which "Leave Me Alone" is featured extensively! (augmented with a relevant fragment from a comedy show by Najib Amhali, and with a short excerpt of Woody's Soundscape, followed by the jingles that Longshanks has recorded for him lately).


February 11th 2009:
In last sundays episode of the internet radio show Soundscape (no. 143, Feb. 8th) Woody & Suzy Harris were the first DJ's to play the new track "Leave Me Alone", though they knew this was the 0.99-version of the final mixdown. The song was greated with enthousiasm both in chat as 'on the air'.
The show will ofcourse be available for downloading as mp3 (or streaming) from the Soundscape website.


December 8th 2008:
Since November 13th our good friend Ferry Molenaar has his own radio show, MolenMotion, on the internet radiostation Action Radio. Right off, in his very first show, he played "The Web of Life" (halfway through the first hour) and in the show from December 4th he played "Cycles & Circles" (halfway through the second hour), and also anounced our taking part in the "Serious Request"-action "Demo of the Day". These shows can be heard at Ferry's website (in Dutch only).


September 11th 2008:
Back from absence Ferry Molenaar today has reacted very enthousiastically to "All My Days", which he featured in "Mad-Minded-Music" in his podcast at Boomr.nl: "The Ferman Show". To be heard in episode 17 (also available via his new website)!


August 20th 2008:
While Googling the word Longshanks, Alex came across this article in the spring/summer 2008 newsletter by the East Hampton Trails Preservation Society.
In the first part of his article on the "Longshanks" club Cliff Bekkedahl describes his attempt on Googling the word "Longshanks" and finding the description of our website!
You can read the entire article (pdf) by clicking the image. You can read more on the EHTPS via this link


clipping from the EHTPS newsletter, click to view pdf

August 13th 2008:
In last nights episode of the internet radio show Soundscape (no. 122, Aug. 12th) Woody Harris picked up on the anouncement of the release of "All My Days" and during the show received an mp3 for playing. Consequently "All My Days" was played, hot from the needle, back to back with "Web of Life".
The show will ofcourse be available for downloading as mp3 (or streaming) from the Soundscape website.


July 5th 2008:
In episode 116 of the internet radio show Soundscape (June 25th) the song "Borderline" was played because it fitted the central theme of that episode. One week later in episode 117 Woody Harris played the 2008-version of "I Have a Dream" and also used the jingle, that André had made for his show!
Both shows can be downloaded as mp3 (or streamed).


May 14th 2008:
On May 13th DJ Woody Harris (from Kennesaw, Georgia (USA)) has really featured Longshanks in Episode 110 of the American internet radio show Soundscape: not only did he play "The Web of Life", but six other songs as well! You can download the entire show as mp3 (or stream it). Longshanks is right in after the first song (Styx - "Grand Illusion") and is represented with:
- Prelude
- Courante
- Tango
- Cycles & Circles
- Into the Dawn
- The Travelling Song, prt.2
- The Web of Life
Longshanks sincerely wishes to thank Woody for the airplay and support!

Woody had found Longshanks via a news item on the release of the CD-single "The Web of Life" in the Dutch Progressive Rock Pages (DPRP).


April 29th 2008:
With the move of Ferry Molenaars "The Ferman Show" to Energy FM Longshanks' "The Web of Life" has moved along with it: in the first hour of show number 14 (April 18th) Ferry played the song again, only this time not as an mp3, but from the autographed Single-CD, which he has received for his support for Longshanks!


Februari 26th 2008:
Over the last few weeks Longshanks has been mentioned several times and played twice in the podcast by Ferry Molenaar at Boomr.nl: "The Ferman Show".
So he got the scoop on the release of "The Web of Life" and did an interview on the phone with André Kamer, to be heard in show number 7 (Dutch only...).

Ferry Molenaar of "The Ferman Sow"

October 1988:
The demo tape "Cycles & Circles" received a very favourable review in the symphonic rock magazine "Sym-Info".