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The dark and cold november breeze
is blowing leaves around my knees.
Silently beside your stone,
all together, all alone.
You seemed to be just doing fine
(You seemed to be doing just fine)
but now you’ve crossed the borderline.
(You stepped across the borderline)

Soft drizzle drips from a leaden sky
washes the teardrops from my eye.
I don’t know wether,
don’t know where to go,
there is so much I still don’t know.
A lakeside park, no one but me,
I sit and stare as time goes by.
I don’t understand, can you tell me
the reason why you had to die.









No more trouble for you to face.
Forever free from life’s rat race.
There’ll be no more fear,
no more pain,
only memories of you remain.
No more up or down the hill,
no more doubts to fill your mind.
You have passed the final sill
and we wonder what you’ll find.